Judge a Book by its Cover

28 August 2014

One of my favorite things about my job as a designer working in publishing, is designing book covers. It's an entirely new field of design that I am navigating that is both scary and exciting. There are book covers that have certainly captivated me before, but once you become a creator, and you look to others for inspiration, the nuances of the storytelling in a single image or detail are really quite amazing. It's a difficult task for any artist to capture an entire narrative, theme or even genre in a single image as a book cover,  but when done well, like in the images above, the result is truely a masterpiece. What's your favorite book cover? 

Here are some other great links regarding book cover design:

• Great interview with Chip Kidd - Also his Ted Talk is one of my all time favorites 

• The cover archive

• Lovely Collection 

• Best Book Covers on Pinterest

• Redesigns of classics - (the Fahrenheit 451 cover is shockingly clever) 

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