Happy Friday!

29 August 2014

Happy Friday people! This is just a sneak peak of a fun little Gatsby-themed project I am working on at the moment! I thought it seemed appropriate to use, as this is the LAST SUMMER WEEKEND IN CHICAGO PEOPLE! Even if the weather is warm throughout September, (hahaha) there is a shift in the air in the city when Sept 1st hits. People get into summer recovery mode, (cue the resurface at the gym and juice cleanses) and most of us start to brace ourselves for the cold reality (pun intended!) of the coming months.

Ok so enough Debbie Downer over here, it's Friday, a 3-day weekend and one of the last Sundays to sip champaign and dance on the tables. Well at least on a rooftop anyway.

If you are still at work, here are some 1920's themed links to get you through the day....

• The above typface, Metropolis is free!

• The best secret speakeasies in Chicago

• Do you know where the term "speakeasy" came from? (I learned on the Gangster Tour)

•An oral history The Green Mill (one of Capone's favorite hideouts)

• Alternative Great Gatsby book covers 

• Love these snake drop art deco earrings by Rachel Zoe

Cheers to the weekend! 

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