Out of Office

22 August 2014

Two posts in a row! I know, who am I?

I am so excited to be going to Michigan this weekend I just had to share my out of office display.

I haven't been out of the godforsaken lovely state of Illinois since last October. Safe to say I need a vacation. I plan on reading magazine after magazine and book after book (design books of course) whilst the cool waters of "Pure Michigan" wash over me, keeping me refreshed along with my bottomless vodka lemonades.

But apparently it might rain for 72 hours straight, so maybe we will hole up in our cabin with some souvenirs from the nearby wineries, distilleries, and breweries, or visit the one place that distributes all three libations - yes all three liquors are made, apparently in some giant, round barn, tasting mecca.

The s'more ingredients are packed.  I'm psyched.

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope to come back with a fun review of all we saw and did!

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