Ring Ring...It's your bling calling

18 June 2014

So last week I stumbled upon what I thought were really fabulous cocktail rings, and then found out they were minitaure cell phones! OK, not quite, but the new App and ring, "Ringly" has been buzzing (pun intended) around the internet this week and I was curious if anyone would really buy them? 

I love the design of the ring, and the design of the app is beautiful. I am a sucker for pink and white with reversed out type. I also like that it's a tech toy, so to speak, that targets women. Sometimes it seems like boys get all the fun toys. 

The device, which is actually the ring, can be set to vibrate for different alerts, say for incoming calls, texts, or social media activity. It's purpose being to allow the wearer to freely manage their phone activity while it is tucked away in their purse, say at an important dinner or meeting. I have certainly missed my fair share of important calls or texts with my iPhone buried deep into a tote bag, so I certainly see the marketability. 

Ringly says the app can also push alerts from apps such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Poshmark, Snapchat, Tinder, Tumblr, Twitter, Uber, and Vine if the wearer so chooses. Ringly will even alert wearers when they wander too far from their smartphone.

That said, will Ringly take off? Or is it just a fad, jumping on the success of similar wearable devices like the explosion of bracelet-like fitness trackers. I am sure they also have in mind to roll out bracelets, necklaces and other wearable devices based on the success of the rings, which could certainly be worth watching for. What do you think? Would you wear a Ringly? 

Images via Ringly

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