25 June 2014

italy, 1934

brazil, 1950

 argentina, 1978

mexico, 1970

spain, 1982

So who is watching the World Cup? I have to admit, even though I played soccer my entire adolosence, I didn't really jump on the bandwagon this year until watching USA v. Portugal game last Sunday. Now I am chanting "USA USA all the way", until perhaps tomorrow. Germany will be tough to beat.

I found a link to the 20 design poster of the World Cup over the years and some really caught my eye. As far as design, they really speak to the trends, style and even historical events of the time. The art deco font and Mussolini-propgranda-style artwork of the 1930's, The WW1 poster-style illustration of the 1950's (keep calm and play football!) The bold colors (and mustache) of the 1970's and of course, the 1980's in black and primary colors, pained by Mr. Miro himself.

There are more interesting details about each poster throughout the years here, though I have to say I am not a fan of the 2014 poster at all. It is seriously a shame that the posters are now plastered with advertisements. Way to ruin the hard-work of careful designs with a McDonalds logo FIFA.


Can you believe there is a player biting people?!!?

Gap has some cute World Cup gear. 

Now, this World Cup poster is the COOLEST i've ever seen. (Spoiler alert, Harry Potter fans will love this)

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