Artist's I Met and Liked: Kyle Bean

13 June 2014

carbs are the enemy 

incredible paper suit 


Edward Snowden (wow)

This is your brain on print

dangerous sugars

killing time

When I first stated blogging in 2006 I had a regular post called "artists corner" which I wanted to start again. Basically showcasing artists that I stumble upon that I really admire and inspire me. I figured if I met them I would put them in this handy book, thus the inspiration for the new column titile. 

Today's artist is Kyle Bean, a British artist whose work straddles the boundaries between sculpture, product design and illustration. A lot of his work is incredibly conceptually creative and I love his use of so many different materials and styles. The paper sculpture he created for The Gaurdian Weekend magazine cover is so brilliant and beautifully executed. I still can't believe its made out of paper. 

Now that I am venturing into magazine and book cover design, conceptual artwork is something I am striving to get better at. To tell a story in one image is a challenge, and I love Kyle's solutions to this type of work. 

For more of Kyle's work, click here. 

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