30 Day Design Challenge - Day 5

07 February 2014

Day 5 of the challenge is entitled "there's an app for that"

For today's post I decided to mix up my design process and do a little creative exercise with a new iPhone app called Waterlogue. It has the capability of turning your smartphone photos into really beautiful water color paintings. You put in the settings, and experiment with textures, lighting and brush stroke to achieve a unique and artistic version of your favorite photo.

While using an iPhone app doesn't require the skills I put into most of my work as a designer, I think it's important to utilize other methods of creation and technology once in awhile, even if they're more simplified. Even though this app takes away the creation, or really the work, for me, I still deeply enjoy the process, and the end product as something that I personally curated. And after all, isn't that what art design is all about? Growing, learning, exploring and creating something visually appealing. The app is available in the iTunes store and it is totally worth the $2.99 sticker price.

This gave me some ideas for some watercolor prints going forward so overall a successful exercise in Friday inspiration.

Some of my more abstract photos ended up looking really ethereal and beautiful. For instance an Instagram I snapped of a lazy pool day this summer and the jellyfish from the Shedd aquarium. You can see my original Instas here.

I think these would look really beautiful printed on some textured paper and placed in white frames. I might turn these into a printing experiment next week. Stay tuned.

Happy Friday!

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