30 Day Design Challenge - Day 4 - Hook Em!

06 February 2014

Day 4 of the design challenge and things are plowing right along! I decided to take some requests since I knew there would be days that I was less inspired than others!

I have some dear friends who are BIG and I mean as is in "Texas-hair-big" UT fans so I took some requests to make "Hook "Em" prints to bring a little slice of the South to Chiberia. I also used this as opportunity to experiment with some Photoshop brushes giving the work a vintage poster feel which worked well for a college football-themed print.

Since I envisioned these for print, I ended up copying and pasting the Photoshop brush splatter that I wanted into Illustrator, converting it to outlines and then rasterizing it. More examples here. The Photoshop version is much more nuanced so I'm not sure if this technique, as laborious and trial/error that it was, is worth it, nor does it give the effect that I was going for, but it's all about the process! Perhaps some more experimenting, more layers of the brush would translate better for print.

The flower prints add a bit of a girly touch and the longhorn is just darling now, no?

It's almost Friday!

Hook 'Em!

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