30 Day Design Challenge - Post 28

18 April 2014

Well kids happy Friday! And happy Good Friday! I used to love dying eggs as a kid. Let's be honest: if a "craft kit" was involved, I was pretty on board. Dipped eggs, crayon eggs, sticker eggs, glitter eggs, tie-dye eggs, paper-mache, I have done them all! Every year my poor, loving parents obliged to whatever new-fangled- lets be honest, mess making kit - I could get my grubbly little hands on at the drug store. Thank goodness Pinterest didn't exist when I was a kid or I might have bankrupt my parents with all of my fantastic egg decorating schemes. And yes I mean schemes. I rarely did a craft with less than 1000 percent enthusiasm bordering on obsession. Sorry mom and dad!
So this year I decided to make some digital eggs. I am sure there is some way to make these in real life that involve waashi tape, some dip dying, a sharpie and some twine. For now these will have to do. 

Hop hop hop! 

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