30 Day Design Challenge - Day 21

06 March 2014

Hello blogging world! So if you are a somewhat regular reader and have been keeping up with my design challenge (hi mom and dad!) you have probably wondered (or probably not because you all have lives and other things to worry about) what the heck happened? Despite my good intentions and fantastic 20 day run on my challenge I have had to break it up a bit. It was a valiant effort to design and post something for 30 days straight but I had to take a bit of a hiatus. Mad props to people who can successfully complete 100 and even 365 day challenges! If you have not heard of Lorraine Loots and her 365 "postcards for ants" you need to click on the link above ASAP! Obsessed.

Anyway, back on track today recapping my fun visit to Rar Rar Press for a Dabble letterpress class! The class is taught by a lovely and talented lady named Rebecca who has a pretty sweet set up! For 4 hours we learned all about type, arranged our own wooden type prints, and got to experience using a 1920's genuine letterpress (named Gary). Above are some pictures of the day and the final product! I was so amazed by the details and process behind letterpress. I was sort of embarrassed that as a designer I didn't know how laborious the process is! Nevertheless it felt so great to be back in a studio wearing an apron and getting my hands dirty again! Any former art student that is now a cubicle dweller can seriously relate i'm sure.

If you live in Chicago I highly recommend taking one of Rebecca's classes. I might even go back to make some coasters or cards now that I am clearly a letterpress virtuoso. ha!

Happy almost weekend!

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