30 Day Design Challenge - Day 7

09 February 2014

Checking in on the challenge and I decided to share a logo of a very important client... my mother! She has a very successful fitness business and as most mothers of designers do, pimped me out for some work which I am always happy to oblige. She is also the best client ever as she likes absolutely everything I present to her, including some of these ROUGH and I mean roooough early designs.

Like most mothers though, she is unwavering in support, encouragement and is always my biggest cheerleader. So thanks mom, and I promise I will try to finally do your logo justice!

I find that projects like these where I'm designing something personal, or specifically for myself, are definitely the hardest. It took me about 3 years to settle on a logo and I will probably change it tomorrow. I'm never satisfied with my work when I'm close to the subject, business or client, and thus can never settle on anything that I like. I know many designers that feel the same way so I thought I would share the extreme growing pains that this logo went through in a short 18 months.

My initial logo is borderline embarrassing, (ok definitely embarrassing!) but at the time I remember thinking that kettle bell was so damn clever! The client (aka mom) still loves the kettle bell, as that is a huge part of her training with clients, so it's staying, but I am still working through some font / arrangement and really all-over tweaks.

Above is the (not final yet) mood-board that will serve for the updated business cards, a golf fitness post card and eventually wireframes for a website. I am, at least I think, (see so darn indecisive on these personal projects) set on the color scheme and textures for now, but the rest is up for grabs.

I want the logo to feel strong and clean and modern, but perhaps not so masculine? I will be working through this some more but for now this is where it lands.

It's shocking and fun to see how far my design has come in just two years, and to think if I will look back two years from now and be appalled at what I consider "awesome work". I hope I do! It's all about the process and journey. Let's hope it keeps getting better.

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