30 Day Design Challenge - Design 1

03 February 2014

Part of the reason I started blogging again was to push myself as a designer and creator, by having an outlet that encouraged me to post more creative projects and just get the design juices flowing outside my 9-5 design work.

This fall I attended Design Camp and was lucky enough to attend a lunch with the amazing Debbie Milman (huge fan of her podcast) and she gave the advice of starting a "design a day challenge" if you're feeling in a design rut or just need to get back to your passion. This was sort of a theme throughout the conference, designers that I admire and respect all talked about their best work coming from either personal passion projects, or a fun little side projects that morphed into an entire business.

That said, for 2014 with the renewal of this blog, I am attempting a 30 day design challenge here on the Chiefly Design.

The rules are simple, for me to create and post one design project a day, either digital or non-digital design of some kind. Right now my passion is stationery and art prints so I will stick mostly to designing cards and other paper items but I am leaving it open to any design inspiration that floats my way. Logos, maybe some letterpress or calligraphy?

The goal is to see how my design evolves, improves and grows after 30 days and is essentially like an intense boot camp for my brain!

My first project post is a Chicago print I designed and printed this morning for a dear friend re-locating to DC. It is printed on Paper Source's Luxe 78# Card stock Paper in the color blush and printed with my Canon Prixma Pro inkjet printer.

So here goes, the first Monday of the month seemed an apt date to start this project, and if all goes to plan this project will end on March 3rd. So stay tuned!

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