27 January 2014

Well hello there blogging world. It has been entirely too long since I have been back and it sure feels good. Sort of feels like home. If anyone has stumbled across this blog and is thinking "hmm this gal seems familiar," I used to be the blogger behind SweetPea. My first, (very tiny and non-earth shattering) venture into the design / blogging world after graduating in 2010. And WOW how the blogging / design world has changed, in the best possible way. There are so many inspirational bloggers / designers / creatives and such quality work being put into the world that I had to join in again, if nothing else, to spread and acknowledge the great work of others. A lot has happened since then; a trip through the revolving doors of graduate school, new apartments, new wonderful friends, lovers, neighborhoods, pets and a few new pieces of furniture, which landed me squarely on my feet pursing my passion for graphic design. I am currently a graphic designer living / working in Chicago.

Looking back at your first blog is sort of a love / hate relationship. You cringe at the design or the layout - maybe even the content (or the ridiculous header in my case YIKES!) - but you remember the passion that prompted you to share your thoughts, designs and inspiration in the first place, which is really what brought me back here. So here we go! Welcome to Chiefly Design, where I will share all my design, art, stationery, life and happy inspiration and some of my work too. This blog is to fuel my design skills and a tiny outlet for my ideas and creative inclinations. Feel free to check out my work, say hello and as always, comments and collaboration are always welcome.


Kaitlyn (aka SweetPea)

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